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Jane_Merrow_Ed_BishopBeen back in London for a week now and enjoying myself, though the weather is cold, feels like winter not spring.   Idaho weather was lovely when I left so miss that.   Still its good to be back for a while.   Signed 600 special cards for UFO, old show see left….people still like it…happy!  Have already done quite a bit…went to a wonderful screening of THE ENGLISH PATIENT at the Barbican, which is an interesting venue to say the least, once you can find your way in and out of it.   Not my favorite place but the theatres are wonderful.   The screening was largely to honor the composer, Gabriel Yared, who gave a most interesting interview and talked about the music as a stand alone compliment to the film, which always works in my book and still retains the composer’s own style and talent.   And of course live orchestra music is always wonderful, i.e.: not digital, electronic, often disappointing.   Been busy seeing friends and yesterday discussed the production of MACBETH which I will do later this year in the Groundlings Theatre Groundlings03in Portsmouth, playing Lady M.   It will be a shortened adapted version, with a marvelous, imaginative set, with huge mirrors, FX, video and a chess board stage.  I am excited.  Old friend Richard Stride, who appeared in BEWARE OF WHAT YOU WISH FOR (THE MONKEY’S PAW) – watch online at https;//  is the Actor Manager who runs the theatre and its adjacent acting school will play Macbeth and various other roles (he did a one man Hamlet last year successfully playing all the parts.)!   I have also been lucky enough to acquire the film/TV rights to a wonderful play REUNION by the terrific writer John Caine to film later this year or maybe early next year.   It will take a bit of time to get the money.   It’s a two handed piece, beautifully written, set in the UK, but I will probably try to film it in Idaho, as it’s a more manageable and less expensive environment and all interiors,  but keep the English setting.   Thats the way the world works now folks, you can film almost anything anywhere and make it work.  I love it.   The play got wonderful reviews when it was performed on stage here in London and John tells me there are plans afoot to revive it soon.  

More to report friends, but will save some for next time.  I am happy to be back in my home town, but already miss family and friends in Idaho.  Would be nice if I could split myself in two! 

5 thoughts on “LONDON AGAIN

  • April 27, 2016 at 4:10 pm Reply
    Mike Waddington says:

    How lovely to read your enthusiasm for your next projects. You sound to be very busy and if I can get to see “The Scottish Play” later in the year I will be a happy man.
    The weather was much warmer last week, sadly we now have an Arctic blast just in time for an English Bank Holiday.
    Enjoy your stay in UK x Mike

    • Thanks Mike…will miss UK when I Leave again. Hopefully you will get to Porstmouth to see the Scottish play. But I am doing another signing event again in London in November.

  • Hi, Jane,
    How did you find working with the Randall & Hopkirk boys back in the day? I know you were in Night of The Big Heat with Kenneth Cope and didn’t you also appear in a Danger Man with Mike Pratt?
    Best wishes,
    John H.

    • Thanks for commenting. It was all good…… Kenneth, very noce man…also did a film with him “The Night of the Big Heat” and Mike Pratt, lovely guy, left us too early.

  • Many thanks for that, Jane, as R & H was a big favourite of mine and you looked fantastic in it as Sandra Joyce!

    Best wishes

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