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Danger Man

Don’t think my feet have touched the ground since I got to London this time….so many nice people and treats enjoyed by yours truly so far.  To start will mention one event for which I came, a retrospective tribute to Patrick McGoohan at the Elstree Studios...where they shoot the Harry Potter Films, The Crown, the Star Wars trilogy, Indiana Jones etc, etc.   I worked there a lot in the 1960’s in various shows:   The Saint with Roger Moore, Randall and Hopkirk, The Avengers to mention a few and the place has changed a bit, but is still recognisable.   Had some really good times and laughter…Roger was a delightful man, who never took himself too seriously, was always easy and light…a real pleasure to work with.

Roger and Me

I remember car scenes with Roger and me in a stationary car, which rocked, with a huge vertical drum going around beside us, with scenic pictures on it and wind machines blowing our hair…days before Computer Graphics.  I think maybe it was more fun than a man or two sitting in front of a computer creating the same effect.

The Prisoner

As I have said, ad nauseum, I adored working with Patrick McGoohan, terrific, charismatic actor.  Other guests at the evening including Alvin Rakoff and John Hough, both who have had significant careers and we all remembered Patrick with same respect and appreciation as he got from us when he was alive. Here’s a little scene from my favourite episode of Danger Man (Secret Agent) which I did with him.

Been to a lot of theatre here so far…the two favourites to date…… An Ideal Husband, full of UK star names and a wonderful production…Oscar Wilde at his best….witty, perceptive and above all human. what a great talent and what a sad end to his life, as seen in Rupert Everett’s latest film: The Happy Prince

Edward Fox is in An Ideal Husband…did what I consider one my best performances on stage with him in Country  Dance by James Kennaway, who wrote Tunes of Glory.

The other production which I loved was performed by a group of young actors , the Intermission Youth Theatre doing Othello, a shortened version, with some of Shakespeare’s dialogue mixed with modern street dialogue…modern dress performed in a boxing ring….Ring of Envy….wow what an amazing moving experience…..I loved it.  Don’t often get moved to tears in theatre, but this did it for me.  Shakespeare as it is meant to be…we need more theatre like this for young people everywhere!  Mark Rylance is one of their patrons…so you get the picture!

5 thoughts on “London Again- Friends and Other Good Times!

  • June 24, 2018 at 10:26 pm Reply
    Patrick Cleary says:

    Hi Jane so glad you enjoyed your London trip. I would love to have gone to the Patrick Mcgoohan event, ( I do attend that type of occasion.) but unfortunately I couldn’t this time.
    That scene with Patrick and yourself in Danger Man was really good. You both acted suberbly.

  • Jane ….. just wanted to say how I admire you …. the Dangerman clip is wonderful …. both of you seem to play off of each other so very well …. a sign of being comfortable and professional…..not to mention your abilities …. I must admit that I am pretty smitten with Patrick Mcgoohan … I will never understand why your working relationship with him is not the one often quoted …. yet one persons negative impressions seem to override those of a positive nature …. you were also great in The Man Who Wouldn’t Talk and A Room in the Basement … and as Allison ! Most sincerely Linda

    • Thank you Linda for your kind comments and good thoughts. I can understand that you were smitten with Patrick…think many of us had a bit of a crush on him! Disregard the negative comments…sadly it’s the negative that drives news and keeps it going, but I think most of those people I know, who knew Patrick will agree with my high opinion of him.

  • July 5, 2018 at 12:08 pm Reply
    Peter Scarisbrick says:


    It was lovely to finally meet you at London Film Fair last Saturday, 30 June. You seemed to be in every programme when I was a teenager, so I did feel a bit starstruck.. Had recently seen you in an episode of The Avengers, and watched you in The Prisoner. And enjoyed the clip from Danger Man. Such happy memories. Thank you.

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