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Heard Michael Keaton on the radio this morning talking about his latest film BIRDMAN.  I haven’t seen it yet, but I have always admired him, he is an imaginative and daring actor.  Daring is something I always found a bit difficult, but the freer you are, the better you are.  Keaton was talking about living his life in love and in the moment.  For much of my life I have tried to live in the present, largely because a life as an actor demands it it.   It is almost impossible to plan as you never know what’s around the corner in terms of another job.   It is hard when you’re younger, there are so many pressures….work, travel, enough money, where to live, should I do this or that, responsibities, real or imagined.  However now as I am older, I find it easy and incredibly joyous and liberating, to live in the moment. You just live day to day, with no expectations, just having the sheer pleasure of being alive.  My youngest grandchild, Luke has also added to my necessity not to plan  too much, since his 3 year old life evolves and grows and his needs change and my involvement with them.  I had planned to spend much of my waning years in England, where all my closest friends are.   But the call came from my son to “help out with the grandchildren, especially young Luke” and one year has turned into three going on four years.  Life has become quite fulfilling in Idaho, USA after my vow never to live here again after a sad divorce from a marriage, which started life in Idaho.  The saying is I believe “Man plans and God laughs”.  So I fully adopted the AA maxim (I am not AA, incidentally, though have known some very serious drinkers in my life). ” let go and let God”… It works!   I still have my friends and connections in the UK and look forward to spending much more time there again, but the new friends and an unexpected burst of creativity, plus the joy of the family have really given me such pleasure and I love living in the present.  Try it at any age and you will surprise yourself!

6 thoughts on “LIVING IN THE PRESENT

  • Hello Jane – – It’s so refreshing to hear your words here – and to know and appreciate them as I do. The gift of aging is the purity with which life presents itself. It is what it is….is my new mantra. So many things are not within our control – and shifting focus to those things we do control is empowering. I’m glad you are happy to be here – I’m happy you are here, too. I’ve been enjoying my peripheral involvement in your creative ventures – thank you for that gift!


    Mary Puccio

  • Dear Mary

    Thank you for your lovely comment. You certainly had a big part of my life in Idaho, finding the house for me, that I love. Best

  • Nice blog Jane very interesting. .
    Am a huge Fan of 60s British TV ..
    I love all your Work you have done over the years ..
    All best Carl xx

  • Thank you Jane, for your posts.
    Like Carl, I too am a big fan of sixties Tv which is how my connection came about and I feel very glad to be able to have the opportunity to hear your words in this way to which I thank you for. I used to worry and perhaps get stressed over little things but as I’ve grown older I’ve become more relaxed and feel a sense of freedom without fear. My painting is a good outlet for seeing and creating beauty . All the best in your endeavours. Martin.

  • October 20, 2014 at 8:27 am Reply
    John(tom)Thompson says:

    I love the past….. they are my fondest memories…. Fell in love with you when I first saw the classic flim “The System”

    Went to Porthmerion in Sept for the first time and thought of You and the other great actors of the 60s in that series.

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