The story of a Golden Globe nominated actress who’s done much of it and advice to those who want to do it!

I am definitely getting there, re the Website, after a few days of frustration and miscommunication.  If those who built the Affordable Health Care site had this multiplied by at least 500, I feel sorry for them.  Actually I don’t.  Sometimes we take on more than we should and then it causes anger and frustration all round.  It really should be “hands in the air” and I am not qualified to do this.  Get a real Professional.  However we do seem to live in a super ego driven world, where over confidence ignores skills, experience and ability and people just drive on to disaster.   Happens a lot in the media industry, where the real pros make it all look so easy, that the wannabes , think “piece of cake”, “I can do that” or “I am as good as that!”

I do have difficulty with Social Media sometimes, as people put up photographs and comments with no relevance to anything at all. It’s strange.  And one thing that disturbs me, people will put up a Facebook Page or a Twitter account in the name of a celebrity and then post or tweet as if it is the Celebrity.  Seems a bit cheap to me.  Putting up a tribute page is one thing, but then to start putting up jokes/comments/pictures in that person’s name on a Social Media site is just plain rude.  Is it really the Dalai Lama, who comments on Google Plus all the time?  Well it probably is…his followers put up his speeches, comments etc.  However it is done with much more respect, than those, who use other peoples names and fame, to get attention.



I am a fan of the talented English actress/comedian Dawn French.  Suddenly she appears on Facebook and of course I ‘friend’ her, to see what she has to say.  Well it starts off as quite funny and typical of Dawn French.  Then the jokes and illustrations become less funny, more crass and then just plain lewd and boring.  So I sent a message saying “is this really you”.   Well of course it comes back, that it isn’t Dawn French, but fans of hers, who is doing our Dawn no favours.  Shame.   I think Twitter is better on the whole.  The great and the good who really do Tweet, seem to have the education and imagination to say something interesting in very few words.



Social Media and the Internet is here to stay and the journey will be fascinating, some good and some really gob smacking awful!

On we go friends, on we go!


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