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I am happy to report that Life is pretty good at the moment.  The big one ALONE AROUND THE WORLD is moving right along, with writing about to recommence.  I have had a nice invitation to  return to the UK to make an appearance at the Hammer Horror convention in November, with the possibility of an Evening with Jane Merrow, (that’s me folks) at the Cinema Museum…which would be fun all round and quite a boost to the ego.  Hope it comes off.  I am hoping for another quick visit to LA: La La Land next month and on we go!  If I go there, I will definitely hope to squeeze in another sailing evening with my friends again in Ventura.   It’s high on my list of things I love to do.   Had a great birthday last week, shared with two of my favourite people, my son, Tom and grandson Luke.

SambaI saw a wonderful movie last week: SAMBA…I urge everyone to see it if they can…its a beautifully crafted, acted, written, directed piece, funny and sad all at once.  I have never really seen Charlotte Gainsbourg properly before, but she is a lovely actress with an incredibly engaging on screen personality, ditto Omar Sy who plays the other lead.  The film is about illegal immigration in Paris and I defy anything not to feel empathy with the desperate plight of the illegal immigrants, once you have seen this movie….go!charlotte-gainsbourg-by-driu-tiago-for-interview-magazine-russia-september-2013-5

I promised you a bit more fun from the past…well …..Peter O’Toole was keen cricket fan, so he got a game together one day with all of us…here we are having a go!  I wasn’t too bad, having played at school, understanding the rules is half the skill!  Never very good at throwing balls long distance though, so better at batting.

Katharine Hepburn had a go too, never one to resist a challenge our Kate, but as she said, she liked baseball better.

Lion Cricketjpg

So not much more to say at the moment…oh just one thing, a past boyfriend has complained that I seem to be writing a lot about the past, but nothing about him.  Thought you were keeping a low profile Paul, but maybe its time I wrote a little about my rather dysfunctional romantic life and you, my friend will be part of it…however, I don’t believe in whingeing or potentially hurtful gossip, so don’t hold your breath for sensational revelations.  It’ll just be a little humour and fond memories….. not all about my love life…. I have known, worked with, met some pretty interesting men, so a few stories, here and there.  The main man in my life is on the left…my son!IMG_0422

Till then!





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