The story of a Golden Globe nominated actress who’s done much of it and advice to those who want to do it!

Jane Merrow (22)

Jane’s career begins with a print ad for The Childrens Newspaper

Waiting is a large part of Acting…you are either waiting for an audition, news of an audition, news of getting a job, a job to start, a call to start, waiting on set and my favourite saying “Hurry up and wait”.   You’re making a movie/TV whatever and your call to make-up is at 6am…6am at location or studio…into the makeup chair, made beautiful or ugly or someone else completely with prosthetics, then on to hair, same procedure, maybe a wig.  You’re ready….eager to work, you know your lines, if lucky you’ve had a bit of rehearsal, it’s now about 7:30 am to 8am.   And now you wait! Your call on set is 8am, but you wait and wait and if you’re really lucky you might be on set close to your call time…but more likely it’s 10am, 11am and so on.  This is the business.  In the theatre it is a little different and you’re only hanging around waiting to rehearse or go on stage.  It is a little different now too on camera as TIME is MONEY and much more critical than it used to be.  CLEOPATRA cost over $300m in todays money to make, with all its delays and location moves.   I do not think any studio would put up with that nowadays.

However I am drifting off point, I am waiting at the moment..for news of our last film’s entry into several Film Festivals, that is THE DAMNED THING see more on am waiting for the sale of my flat in London to conclude and the purchase of the new one.  Property in London right now is going through the roof and there is a buying frenzy on, whether it will last no-one knows, we shall see.   Of course I am always waiting to hear news of work, two possible films at the moment, but no doubt the Producers are Waiting…for money!

So I thought I would entertain you and me with a bit of my very, very early career.  We had a lovely publication in the UK, way back when, called the Childrens Newspaper.   I loved it and so did most other children…it was targeted directly at Children and was highly engaging.  It had aricles, puzzles, new and all sorts.   We children also interviewed celebrities of our choice and I interviewed Richard Burton at the Old Vic Theatre…bliss.  My title was HE GAVE UP RUGBY FOR ACTING.


Another major job was a “soap magazine” know the sort of thing….” does he love me or Jill?”   All much more innocent and naive than today’s stuff.  Here is a little illustration:

Jane Merrow (20)Of course I had a bit of an inside help as my mother worked for some of the publishers of these magazines.   I did enjoy myself and it was great to do all this stuff while I was still at school.

Next time I hope to offer you some proper insight or news!


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