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Ketchum/Sun Valley looms large in my life these two weeks.   Last week I did a reading of the play REUNION by terrific English writer John Caine, produced by Jon Kane, at the Nexstage theatre in Ketchum.   How’s that for a coincidence, two talented men, same name, different spelling.   Some might see this as an interesting omen, maybe…”There are more things in heaven and earth Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy”.   The reading went very well and I was lucky to find an actor of considerable experience and ability: Aaron Moore, who read with me. We did “good”… to use the American expression…..

REUNION is a powerful piece, full of emotion, humour and dialogue, which some people might find hard going in our modern age of inarticulate mumbling, short words and incomprehensible texting.   However words do communicate our thoughts and connect us to each other and, in my book, communication is all. That and passion for what we do and love. Those two drivers in our lives are what brings us together. Aaron, Jon and I definitely got that feedback from our surprisingly and gratifyingly large audience at the reading. Laughs in all the right places and a hushed stillness in the right moments. Now to get the project made as a film.KatePete

JanePeteThis week another enterprising and culture focused person, Rick Kessler, who owns and runs the Magic Lantern Theatre in Ketchum puts on a film festival in Ketchum.  Rick is a fan of THE LION IN WINTER and is screening it as part of the Festival on Sunday and I will introduce it and do a Q and A afterwards…..always happy to talk about a favourite piece of work and my biggest calling card in this industry.   That film is nothing but dialogue, largely us all shouting at each other, much passion there, with complicated, not very likeable people weaving their way through the dangerous, political journey of their lives.   Not too different from modern times…the world of power and politics never changes….people fighting their corner. But it makes for great stories and film.

img_0246To balance all this drama, I am enjoying the company of my grandchildren whenever we can. My grandson Kaden has taken up the duties of mowing my quite large lawn, having learned about the potential income opportunity. Younger grandson Luke follows along blowing the grass away, with a special blower and is learning that pay often relates to the amount of work done, so his earnings are a somewhat smaller than Kaden’s, to his great disappointment.   Granddaughter Brynn does not join in on this work experience, so I only see her sweet face when I visit them!  Here she is below doing her amazing gymnastics!!

Thats all for now friends…till next time!brynn-gymnastics


  • Adore The Lion In Winter. Wonderful performances from all & a marvellous choral score from John Barry. I must dig out my DVD & watch it again tonight.

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