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queen-humour“May you live in interesting times”…says a supposed Chinese curse, although apparently no such thing exists.   However we do live in interesting, not to say disturbing times, which as a friend remarked the other day are beginning to feel increasingly apocalyptic. I have to agree, but being (a) an optimist and (b)strictly apolitical, I am hoping for the best. I have tried to stay away from ‘politics’, which in my experience seem to raise its tricky head in situations other than …politics!   I think to be really political, in real politics, you have to be very well educated, very well read and capable of proper thought, not just “sound bites” and social media.   So I have tried to avoid politics all my life, particularly in my own industry, where ‘politics’ is endemic.

Winter Idaho 2017

Winter Idaho 2017

So trying to put all this out of mind, I try to focus on those larger and more attractive aspects of our life.   Nature is

Snow 2017

Snow 2017

certainly one.   Right now I am living in the grip of big snow in Idaho and it certainly slows down our frantic and self obsessed little lives.   We look at everything a bit differently and our priorities change….we slow down….not the heady rush to the gym or the store, but ” should I shovel my driveway today, find a way to take out the garbage, since I cant open my back gate, with the heavy snow leaning against it….are my neighbours OK?”….probably…. since they are younger than me and so and so on.


Beau Bridges and Jane Merrow (6)

Adam’s Woman

I have been lucky to see much of different slices of nature as an actor travelling about the world, the countries I have

Hong Kong Street Market

Hong Kong Street Market

lived in. A few memories that spring to mind….. the sight of a little Chinese girl in her English school uniform, sitting in the gutter in a Hong Kong street market, doing her homework, concentrating and ignoring the chaos and the people , when I was making “A TIME FOR LOVE.   I remember the endless flies in the magnificent outback of Australia, when making ADAMS WOMAN…..the beauty

White ponies of the Camargue in France

White ponies of the Camargue in France

and green of Ireland…..the wonderful white ponies of the Camargue in France, which I rode, on a day out with Peter O’Toole, when we were making THE LION IN WINTER. I remember luxuriating in a natural hot JanePetesprings swimming pool in Colorado, when make a TV movie, UNIT 4 and my freezing feet in thin shoes in mid winter in a graveyard in Yorkshire, when making the television play THE BIRTH OF A PRIVATE MAN.   I could go on and on. Maybe I will another time! We in show business are so lucky to have had the opportunity to enjoy so many varied and interesting places and seen so much of the wonders of Nature.

One thought on “Interesting Times

  • January 8, 2017 at 9:38 pm Reply
    Anthony Lisanti says:

    I am always so delighted to hear from you, Jane. You are such a special soul. Apart from your grand accomplishments as a superb ACTRESS–You see, I refuse to apply this Politically Correct Term to advance the cause of “gender marking” and refer to you as an ACTOR–you are a Woman! Women have a special place in Nature, no matter how we mere mortals try to usurp that Divine Definition! You are a Woman, a Lady and an Actress!

    Well that’s my contribution to “politics” for now! hehehehe!

    In any event, you’re a great friend and someone whom I cherish and Honor (HonoUr) as a magnificent example of a “Yes, I Can” lady! Actress, Pilot, Philosopher and all around LADY–
    And, I am so delighted to know you, Jane–

    One time, I was in a Pub in South Florida which is Known to be an ENGLISH Hang-Out, and your Name came up. “JUANA ROMERO” came to my mind!

    I’ll always think of you as “Juana Romero-“!!

    God blless you and your family, and Good Luck for 2017!


    PS:The Cubans Love you!

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