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Goodbye to the Old, Hello to the New.  This last Year has been an interesting one to say the least, full of hopes and some disappointments, a spot of ill health, which took me by surprise, but all better now (we trust).   Some new projects, one done and dusted…COUGAR… and on its way to the festivals.  It will be here for you to view in due course, I’ll let you know.   Controversy and questions surround ALONE AROUND THE WORLD, the project which I developed in 1990. Not sure where that one is going, I will keep you posted.  Hope it falls into place, but this is an expensive and difficult one to move forward and when Hollywood gets involved ….who knows??  However it is a great story, that of Dame Naomi James’ single handed sailing voyage around the world and deserves to be made.   Anyone got $20m to spare?IMG_0060

The feature I made with Lee Majors and Will von Tagen:  ALMOSTING IT was released and loved by all who saw it.  The good news is that Will has secured a distribution deal for the film (well done Will), this is like finding water in the Sahara desert, rare, difficult and highly desired!   So look out for the film..Janeballoons


I am hoping to do some stage work in 2016, I have been offered a play in the UK, which I would like to do and am planning on it.   And I am working on the screenplay of a full length feature film, taken from a short script I have written.  Plus I want to make another short, silent like COUGAR, working on that story too.   So I have a few things on my plate, but the more the merrier say I.  I want to stay as productive as body and brain will allow.   So friends on we go and may the good be with us all….HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all my friends.


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11 thoughts on “HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU!

  • January 1, 2016 at 12:43 am Reply
    Melissa C Williams says:

    Happy New Year to you !
    What an exciting year lies ahead, full of positive energy and mounds of potential…I hope all your projects are successfully produced and FUNDED !!
    Blessings abound for 2016 !

  • Amen to that Melissa, especially the Funding bit!!! Have a wonderful New Year.


  • Sounds like great things ahead for you Jane in 2016 hope all goes well for you and all the Best of Health to you too..!!
    All best Carl

  • To Jane Merrow
    I believe I interviewed you for New Zealand television at the airport in the late 1960s or early 1970s. I am writing a book and simply want to confirm the date and the film you would have been promoting at the time. I also have a photograph taking before the interview.
    I hope you can help
    Very best wishes

  • January 1, 2016 at 11:24 am Reply
    Michael Waddington says:

    Happy New Year Jane.

    What an exciting year to have ahead of you. Never lose your creativity, your hope or your ambition.
    Good health and happiness to you and your family – and a wish that your talents are recognised by the “people holding the money” and they choose to share it to give all your projects the ability to come alive.
    My very best wishes. Mike x

  • Congratulations, Jane! Godspeed on ALL your projects this year! 🙂

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