The story of a Golden Globe nominated actress who’s done much of it and advice to those who want to do it!

Day one done for me on THE OTHER SIDE OF SEPTEMBER a nice little indie film I am currently making in Boise, along with old working acquaintance Lee Majors… Worked with him in a couple of episodes of THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN. Met Lee again today and he remembered details and other actors in the episodes that I had forgotten, that’s pretty admirable. Wish my memory was that good…he said “you were in Episode 6”. This from a man who has made several popular and successful TV series, I was impressed.


It’s fun to be working as an actor for hire again, without the responsibilities of producing, a pleasure without the headaches. The film was written by a young Boise actor/ writer Will von Tagen and he is also playing the lead role, rather him than me, that’s a big weight on his shoulders, but he seems to managing well and it’s good to be working with friends from my production of THE TELL-TALE HEART.MAUREEN O'HARA

I am happy and somewhat astonished that my career in the industry I love is still chugging along. My makeup artist, a nice lady called Amanda, tells me that she does the makeup on occasions for another actor resident in Idaho…Maureen O’Hara, living in Boise like me, because of her grandchildren, 94 and still beautiful from the picture I was shown of her by Amanda. What a star she was, I am sure you remember her, she was working in the business at its peak, when the quality was all and the industry run by people who understood it, not the accountants and lawyers prevalent today.



I had a great visit to London and found yet another flat to buy, this is about offer 5 or 6 and I really hope this one goes through. It is not a Buyers market, much more a Buyer Beware market, not fun.


I understand that trailer for FIFTY SHADES OF GREY has upset a few people, with its salaciousness….don’t worry, people, if the film is as mediocre as the book, it can’t offend too many of us. Georgette Heyer did it better with her Regency romances which set our young hearts pounding with good writing and her rakish and attractive heroes.

One thing more …the next New Chilling Tale I want to do is from a wonderful and of course humorous story by Mark Twain…just been watching a story of his life in a film by Ken Burns, an extraordinary and talented documentary film maker…great stuff, so much talent about.


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