The story of a Golden Globe nominated actress who’s done much of it and advice to those who want to do it!


Exercise…ah, that magic word, some of us love it, many of us hate it, but we really all need it.   In times past we worked physically so much harder, even the rich rode horses, fought duels and walked and we lived shorter lives, so didn’t have to worry about holding our bodies together for so much longer!

If you’re an actor, it’s vital to exercise…to keep in shape,  just to have the stamina for those challenging roles on screen or on stage.   Playing Lady Macbeth was physically and emotionally very demanding and I was quite happy that I am reasonably fit, couldn’t have done it otherwise!  I do exercise as much as I can…in all honesty I do find it rather boring, but the biggest benefit in my humble opinion is the mental benefit.  It really helps, if you’re feeling  bit down or anxious…a bit of a work out and you feel better and often sleep better.

I recently met, at the gym, a young trainer Carlos Morales, fresh out of the military, where he was a trainer.   I thought he was just going give me a quick tour of the machines and demonstrate some simple exercises.  Before I knew it I was whisked into a demanding and strenuous new regime…he bullies me  and I get angry, but on the whole it is a good relationship and I have a good giggle, as I struggle through many of his demands, at the craziness of it all, but I have to say it works!  If you’re pushing yourself to exercise, I recommend a trainer or at least a workout buddy.  That’s why we sail/ play tennis/ golf/walk etc with friends.  By the way Carlos trains through his company Motivate, I am glad I met him and happy to recommend his services!




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