The story of a Golden Globe nominated actress who’s done much of it and advice to those who want to do it!

TelgraphhLadies_Day-xlarge_trans++Cca9BU0TuyHkZJzHTSJqzg57EFzlVrO-V_kNyX87nOkSorry friends, but, for me, this not an attractive picture…from the UK’s Daily Telegraph…. a young lady out in public, at the races.  I have written about this before and no doubt will again….but ladies baring your breasts in public is nothing new.   It’s been going on for 100’s of years, by women in polite society and by women in not so polite society. 1809-launching-a-frigate-from-port-cities-org  The difference is that now with the advent of the media, the Internet and Social Media, our bodies are getting unprecedented exposure. Not just the female, but the male also …we have the “Choar” boys in the UK, those young hunks exposing their manly qualities all over the place, especially on Television. And all of this to the exclusion of the rest of the World’s benighted population.  Well that’s all fine, I have no problem, but what influence is it having on our young people?Poldark


In the sixties…my glory days of the screen, the dilemma was always, do we o-URBINO-900go nude or not?   I did it and so did many of my contemporaries, but only when it was a decent script and a decent part and the nakedness was justified.   And our pictures were not everywhere!   As my mother, the artist , said what’s wrong or unnatural with the human body?   system-the-1964-001-oliver-reed-jane-merrow-00n-upnThe answer is nothing. However the media, social media, the fashion industry is now overboard with the exploitation and the pressure on the young to show all, and above all, be sexy,  is TOO MUCH!   Enough say I …give those lovely young people time and the opportunity to enjoy growing up, learn about the beauty of their bodies and others, without the ugly, the sneering, the titillation, the demands by the ‘wannabees’ on Social Media to “send me a picture of yourself naked”.   It’s outrageous and makes me angry. Young women, young men, you are not cattle in the market, not black slaves being sold to the highest bidder, not merchandise on the shelf to be picked over, you are in the flowering period of your lives, take your time and enjoy and learn to say NO.   It’s the shortest and easiest word in the English/American language.

You deserve better and you are so much better than those who taunt you, demand from you and abuse you. Don’t be tempted to be a “lad” 0r a “ladette”.

Be yourself and stand strong against those who want to exploit you.


2 thoughts on “Cover Up and be Clued Up.

  • Was with you until you had to qualify your “slave” comment by prefacing it with “black”. What, you think only blacks were/are slaves? You want to be modern? Then drop the racism.

    • This was not intended as a racist comment. I was referring to those historic days when black slaves were sold in the open market… I am not familiar with other such markets, when men, women and children were paraded like cattle for sale. Slave markets have many different forms…now we have the Internet for slaves of all colours.

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