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janemMy two countries, the US and the UK are in a state of  hyper activity and lets face it mild hysteria at the moment, with:

a. The impending US Presidential Election, will we have President Trump, or President Clinton the Second?

b.  Will the UK leave the European Union or won’t it?

Such is the stuff of life and the madness of humanity, that all one can do is stand back and watch fondly as we the people drive ourselves crazy again.

I am staying with another of my oldest friends, Stella, the super agent, whom I met when I was acting in the

Henry VIII and Catherine Howard

Henry VIII and Katherine Howard

play THE KINGS MARE in 1966, playing Katherine Howard, Henry VIII’s 5th wife, she, who disgraced herself by climbing into bed with her music teacher and got her head chopped off for her pains.  Stella was the stage manager and one could see then she was a whiz of common sense, pragmatic and practical, I adored her and still do.  I believe all actors should have sensible friends, given the magnitude of our common sense!!! However having said that, I do have reason to question her sanity at the moment.   A few days ago, she jumped out of an airplane and sky dived for charity and in memory of her father, a reconnaissance pilot, killed in 1945 in World War II. IMG_0414    Stella  says that actors shouldn’t write about politics and things we don’t understand and no doubt she is right (she gave up representing actors and stuck to Creatives and Stage Designers, people largely behind the scenes etc! )     However I will  comment that I find the madness of these times amusing and a bit of a distraction from many of the world’s real ongoing tragedies.  I have no idea what the outcome of these two upcoming decisions will be and it seems that neither does anyone else, but I do question how we got here?  Unknown sources at work no doubt, manipulating us the gullible public, who seem to be paralysed  by events and unable to put our hands in the air and say “hey wait a minute, what on earth is going on here?!”


The Serpentine in Kensington Gardens on a cloudy day

My sojourn in the UK continues and my love affair with the London Theatre…saw SHOWBOAT last week and really enjoyed it, but how could you not love this beautiful show, with its great music and romantic story….I am a sucker for a bit of romance…always.

IMG_0181 (1)

The block of flats where I lived from the Thames

Took a trip down the Thames on a river bus this last Holiday Monday, we call them Bank Holidays, because presumably they are for the Bank workers, who shut up shop and have a Holiday.   The river was the best and most efficient source for transportation for many years, when we had no proper roads and people, mainly the rich would whiz up and down on their smart barges, being rowed by the hapless poor people and get very quickly from say the Tower of London to Hampton Court, both palaces and residences of various kings of England.   The Thames is wondrous , full of history and I used to live in an apartment right on it…. happy times, sipping a glass of wine looking out of the window at that beautiful old river.


A beautiful English garden in Richmond, nr London

Anyway, enough rambling, having a great time here in the UK with friends, missing family and friends in America.  Actors are difficult!  Never satisfied! So I am told anyway.

15 thoughts on “Brexit, An Election and the Usual Hysteria

  • Hi Jane another great blog..
    Your right the world is going mad at the moment.
    So glad your having a good time back in the homeland .. hopefully one day I will again too.!

    And you don’t seem like a difficult actor .you come over as a very down to earth person and friendly.!
    Chears Jane.!

  • June 2, 2016 at 6:34 pm Reply
    Melissa Williams says:

    I always enjoy your blogs, Jane, especially these from your homeland. The world is indeed going mad, but then when hasn’t it, for one reason or another. Those of us who still seem to have a cupful of common sense need to keep on paddling up the River, making sure the barge doesn’t capsize altogether !

    We miss you at St Michael’s but know you are where you need to be right now….continue to have a wonderful time.

    Fondly, Melissa Williams

    • Melissa….thank you…always good to hear from you. The world is rather mad at the moment..hopefully we will come to our senses eventually. See you soon! Jane

  • June 4, 2016 at 8:35 am Reply
    Roger Thornhill says:

    What’s wrong with your phone?

  • Hi Jane, just seen you in date with doris, danger man and Patrick Magoohan. You were always so darn attractive in those 60s action series we watched as kids and they still have a timeless appeal. Life wasn’t so crazy then but maybe it was and we didn’t know it! Have retreated to rural Lincolnshire far from the madness and greed of our ruling elite, tweet me @khiranoo best wishes Jane, Chris (non dePlume roger)

  • July 7, 2016 at 2:36 pm Reply
    Anthony Paul says:

    Hi, Jane! I like your political commentaries! Don’t follow protocols!
    You’re a ‘rebel’!
    you know, I’m here in the USA.
    Love the UK- at first blush, I was Thrilled that the UK voted to cut-lose from the EU-
    But, our world seems so “intertwined” that it may have a counterproductive result.

    As for what’s happening in the USA with our two prospective candidates?
    Whew! That’s a tough one for me. Mr. T. seems to be embarrassing; and “she” is not very trustworthy; is she?

    I wish we would move back to the days of honest, patriotic, level-headed people rather than these “smart folks” who can’t speak the truth and seem to be only interested in advancing their own ambitions, and puffing up their egos–along with those whom are supporting them-

    Enough of that! So happy to hear you’re doing well, and God bless–

    PS: just saw Danger Man again in “Date with Doris” and I can’t get enough of that episode.
    each time I see it, I find another nuance that reaffirms what a truly fine actress you are.

    BTW, did I ever tell you, how cute you are? Oh, noooo, I’m sure I haven’t(heheheh)!
    All the best

    anthonypaul@paulie1951 twitter

    • Thanks for all your great comments! Jane

      • Hi Jane, enjoyed your last comment and it was also good to hear Anthony too enjoyed danger man date with Doris – wouldn’t disagree about your cuteness either. As for referendum out of EU it will be a bit bumpy to a while but there are many more people and countries not in the EU than in so life should be more inclusive and exciting in a year or two.

        I just wish the USA would get to grips with the gun issue. It can’t be right that so many folk perish as a result of too liberal an attitude to firearm possession.

        That’s all for now, best to you – Chris

        • July 8, 2016 at 2:24 am Reply
          Paul Anthony says:

          Hello, Chris! Thanks for you kind “mention” of My comments!
          Is that okay I comment on a comment?
          Jane is so special to construct this site for us to speak about her performances, and
          ad lib a little of our own extemporaneous commentaries–I tend to “Get off the Track” here and there!
          Did you ever see Gideon’s Way” Here in US it was released as Gideon C.I.D.
          There is another great performance by Jane where she plays an Italian English young lady married to “Frank Romano” played by Ray Brooks(The Knack, and How to Get it).
          You can find that too on Youtube. Look up Gideon’s Way–“Gang Wars” is the name of the Episode. Worth watching. Again, Jane is so, so delightful to watch.

          All the best,

          Anthony(Paul Anthony)

  • July 9, 2016 at 2:10 am Reply
    Paul Anthony says:

    Re: Gideon’s Way:
    You’re so Humble! (bit of a departure for me”! )
    I like Naughty ladies! You conned a Milk-Toast little fellow who worked at a Bank, who adored you from before you were married to “Frank-” Your plan was to spark up your relationship with the Milk Toast Banker, and get him to turn over the Old Bank Notes that he was in charge of “burning-” to the Tune of 500,000 Pounds! Your “Husband” Frank Romano, played by Ray Brooks reluctantly went along with your scheme. You Spent the night with the Milk Toast, and by morning, the Milk Toast was transformed into your slave and would do anything for you. (Can’t blame him!). When you arrived home early the next morning, Frank(Ray Brooks) was angry that you had stayed out all night for about 20 seconds or so, but then Greed sobered him up, and you two kissed as you looked at Frank and said, “We’ll be Rich-” (You were Evil and Greedy, too). Frank and Lila (Brooks and you) nearly pulled this off, but for another rival gang leader–less sophisticated, of course– double crossed Frank and ended up shooting Frank. Your love for Frank kicked in, and you grabbed the pistol and did what only a Loyal Italian Woman could do, and SHOULD!. You killed the moron that killed your
    (not every role has to be clever or intellectual to be a good one!)
    PS: My wife, Viktoria, played the role of a Professional Assassin in a Belarusian TV show, where she was hired to kill a Ukrainian Gangster, and she played the role so well, chills went up my back! Our sons were in their mid teens at the time and our twin girls(who are now 17) were about 11 and they all got a kick out of how there mother was so “evil”! heheheh– I actually have a photo of her from that episode. It’s quite cute(in a sardonic way)!

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