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Jane60'sIn terms of High Drama, on both sides of the Atlantic,  recent events have been truly Shakespearean in their size.   My first outing as an actress on the London Stage while still at RADA was in the National Youth Theatre’s production of JULIUS CAESAR, I was the first girl in the Company along with a few others, one being my friend and room mate at RADA, Patricia Doyle.   I played Portia and the wonderful Director and leader of the NYT Michael Croft, set the story in Fascist South America and it really worked……the back stabbing, plotting, murder, naked ambition, betrayals…Shakespeare never fails and that’s why GAME OF THRONES and HOUSE OF CARDS are so julius-caesar-marlon-brando-30586612-1736-1379successful, same fascinating, sickening displays of human nature in all its glory. I was in Ian_McShaneheady young Company in those days…among the cast were Ian McShane, Michael York, Simon Ward, John Shrapnel…..just a few of the names headed for big futures . It was a happy and very productive time all round.   The NYT has its 60th anniversary this year and I was happy to film an interview with its current Director Paul Roseby, recalling those early wonderful days, in celebration.   Hoping to join them all for more later this year when I return to London.Game of Thrones

eu_summit_and_the_brexit__marian_kamenskyGetting settled back in the US again…beautiful weather after a very rainy visit to the UK, so I am enjoying the sunshine.   It’s interesting how the weather affects our moods so much.     It’s fairly calm and peaceful after the wet gloom of English weather and the attendant craziness. I left London on the day of the Brexit vote, confident that the country would be sensible and vote to stay in Europe, however stupid the bureaucracy was, however difficult and dare I say, dishonest some of those running the EU are.   How wrong was I.   I am sorry that all this has come to pass the way it has.   Message to dear older generation of mine, we cannot return to the “WAY THINGS WERE”, we must move on, think of the younger people, the ones to come and in the long run a more united Europe is better for all of us, in my humble opinion. At least we seem to be coming to our senses a bit now and have quickly appointed a new Prime Minister: Theresa May and are not waiting for more agony of politicking and hustling for the position.   Maybe a woman will do a bit better than the men, this time around….ditto for the US?

Theresa May UK's next PM

Theresa May UK’s next PM

As I am in a philosophical frame of mind, it does seem to me that so much of our lives depends on one key element ……trust.   It’s the only way to have certainty and stability in anything, our work, our lives, our loves, everything and once that has gone it’s very difficult to bring back and relationships exist no more.   Hopefully trust has not been too much destroyed in recent times with all the sheer selfishness and the “what’s in it for me” behavior that has manifested itself lately.   I, for one am bored and sick of it….a little humility and common sense will now go a long way.


Thats all for now friends….

2 thoughts on “Boise and Calm

  • I find it so dignified how Jane makes references to her memories of the colleagues she met while working in Shakespearean plays such as her comment about Patricia Doyle.
    Her work on stage must have been excellent as has been all of her performances-
    Of course, I love her works in Television.
    She’s gifted, for certain; and we’re blessed and privileged to have been the benefactors of her talent.


  • July 12, 2016 at 8:57 pm Reply
    Michael Waddington says:

    Hi Jane
    I really like your comment on “trust”, and like virginity or a pack of M&Ms, once it’s gone it’s gone.
    Consequently I am dismayed at the way the politicians have misrepresented the truth – ok they lied – in the run up to the Brexit vote, and the way that the self-serving have clamoured for leading positions on both sides of the British Parliament. I am still shell-shocked at the Brexit result and much prefer to think of myself as a European. Perhaps history will record that it was a wise decision, but right here, right now, it feels like a bad thing to have happened.
    Of the possible candidates for UK Prime Minister, I feel that Theresa May was the best choice, even though she remains one who hasn’t been put to a public vote.
    One thing is certain, there are major changes ahead both for the UK and the US. Hopefully sufficient energies will be applied to reverse the laws of entropy and create some order out of the chaos that surrounds us.
    And if this also brings back some of the compassion and caring for the fellow man/woman that we used to have, it will be a good thing.
    I enjoyed your memories of the NYT, such a melting pot of great talent and it is good to see it still thriving. When all the world seems mad, it is very calming to return to the arts for solace.
    with my very best wishes

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