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I have just come home from seeing BIRDMAN and I am overwhelmed by this terrific film.  It’s written and directed by the superb Mexican Director Alejandro González IñárrituI (Babel).  I know it’s about the theatre and show business people, but it demonstrates the real passion that we feel for this industry and the absolute desire to be  good and in decent work, despite the chaos it can create in one’s personal life.  This is something that comes along rarely for most actors… I was lucky, it did for me a few times, working in exceptional material and also with exceptional people.  Doesn’t happen to all of us, but what a thrill when it does.  It happens in this film and I am delighted to see Michael Keaton working at the top of his form in material worthy of his talent along side many other terrific talents.  I am a big fan of Edward Norton and he does not disappoint as the actor who only feels ‘real’ on stage.   Met a few of those in my career.   They flounder in real life, out of their depth.

Many of us in life want to lead simple lives without too many complications or difficulties, the danger of this is that sometimes you lose or suffocate the opportunity to feel real passion or desire for something or someone.  That passion is risky, but the feeling is worth the risk in my humble opinion.  I believe greatly in passion, life can be bland and rather disappointing without it.  Back to BIRDMAN, last night was the Gotham film awards and BIRDMAN won Best Picture, Best Actor going to Michael Keaton….more to come I am sure.   Bring on that talent.  Risk the Passion!

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