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Alfie-michael-caine-5143417-550-310Feeling a little blue at the moment with all thats going on in the world, the ruthless killings in Brussels and now Pakistan and the incredible divisiveness here in the US partly due to the ongoing electioneering. “What’s It All About Alfie?“….remember the movie, preferably the one with Michael Caine. We are such a tiny planet and rather unimportant in the big scheme of things, why cant we just get along and live at one with each, despite all our differing beliefs.


London busAnyway enough of all that. I’m back off to jolly old…England that is and looking forward to a few things much missed. It will be good to listen to BBC Radio 4 in real time, go to a few theatres, ride a bus (a routemaster double decker, top deck, I trust), go to a proper English country pub ( not a chain gastro pub), if I can find one. One of my favourites used to be the White Bear in Warlingham, Surrey (David Hemmings and I would frequent) and the Cheshire Cheese in the City, though I think they are both part of the big brewery chains now. Used enjoy going to Champagne Charlies at Charing Cross too, although that’s Sheekeysnot really a pub. Other places looking forward to …restaurants…favourite: The Brasserie in South Kensington, one of the proper French restaurants in London…delicious food, great ambience. A trip to J Sheekeys, one of the best fish restaurants in London, would be nice – pricey, but nice. My English grandparents used to eat there regularly after an evenings work at the St Martins Theatre, they both worked in that theatre and were friends with owners of Sheekeys or they would eat at The Ivy, right across the street from the St Martins theatre. This was back in the 1920’/1930’s.   My grandfather Tommy Morgan was one if the leading stage production designers of the day…invited to go and work for Disney St Martinsin Hollywood early days, but preferred to stay in London.   I will have tea at the Victorian and Albert museum after seeing any special exhibition currently on there or go really posh and have tea at Fortnum and Mason, very upmarket store in Piccadilly. So friends thats my mini tour of favoured watering holes in England’s capital, my home town: London!

Horse and carriage outside Fortnum and Masons, Piccadilly, London, London, England.

Horse and carriage outside Fortnum and Masons, Piccadilly, London,England.

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