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I am writing this in Ventura, California, where I wait for a call for an interview, a part, a job….usual stance….head in the clouds, feet on the ground.  In any case, whatever happens, I am happy to be here, staying in friend Rossi’s house, high on the cliffs looking out to the ocean. – wonderful views, sunrises, sunsets, the endless roar of the 101 Freeway now open again after the sad natural events of the last two months.
And I am happy to be in the warmer weather…don’t do well in the cold…and the blue skies are welcome after some of the depressing inversions in Boise, Idaho. Funny how the weather effects our moods, our personalities…..our souls! It’s like people …some can fill us with a warm glow of their inner happiness and others, more restless…less fulfilled, give out more restrictive messages….’don’t come near me, you can’t come in.”

Enough of all that…I am in a slightly strange mood which comes after a mild bout of flu, which left me in bed for a couple of days. You seem to get a ‘spacey’ (no, not him!) feeling, with a detached view of everything. Feels sort of like a gentle computer ‘re-boot’….not a bad thing in our busy world.

I am just waiting now…apart from meetings, waiting for our film About Andy to be edited and get its polish and the music. This is the part which can turn the ordinary into the beyond ordinary. Although we have had some wonderful Directors, who have come from different crew positions, in my experience, the ones who understand film making the best, come from an editing background. They are the ones who have the overall understanding of where everyone’s unique contribution to the final is leading….the story. David Lean (Lawrence of Arabia, Bridge on the River Kwai), started as an Editor and our own Anthony Harvey, after being Stanley Kubrick’s long time editor and who, after having had his own short film Dutchman seen by Peter O’Toole, was asked to direct The Lion in Winter…..

So here I am enjoying the sea, sun and walking in the sand, I did spend a day at friend Gary Swenson’s sail loft, where he designs sails for Ullman Sails and he and Rossi and Deke builds them …oh yes they also repair other sails…a necessary, but less interesting task. I helped a little…not much I am qualified to do, but I like being there…it is a grounding, peaceful environment. I have known these friends since the 1980’s…30 odd years and appreciate their friendship. Gary built the sails which helped us win the Olsen 30 Nationals on our boat Flyer, Rossi and I have cruised and drunk too much tequila on Flyer and Deke, helmed Flyer, when she won. It seems to me that people who sail (minimal engines, only the sails), are completely in tune with the sea and its constant changes, moods, functions…..on a very mild calm day, Gary will point to a darker patch of water, miles away and say “there’s some wind right there”. We will go sailing again on Tonka, when she gets her mast back on.

Rossi and Deke work on sails.


Here are a few pictures of the Loft in action, with my own important contribution!

6 thoughts on “BACK BY THE SEA!

  • It may be a stretch but are there any similar “English Riviera” (aka System) vibes, with rocks down to the beach?

  • February 2, 2018 at 4:30 pm Reply
    Rossi Acree/Ullman Sails Ventura says:

    Love having you as part of the loft Jane. Even though it’s just another day here, it’s it’s a little brighter when you come in.

  • Ventura, a beautiful place to be for any reason!

    I am happy to hear you are over the flu and feeling better.

    Definitely agree that editors really understand the various contributions each department makes to the overall development of a movie. Seeing what lenses work, which scenes have the best lighting to enhance a mood, the editor see’s it all. The mistakes, the accidents that turn out to be just what a scene needs.

    Having seen the final product of your films and television, have you questioned a director/editor’s choice of anything? A scene, a take? What editor/director choices have left you perplexed if any?

    Wishing you an amazing week full of happiness and fulfilling surprises!


    • Oh yes…often..especially cuts of scenes or shots I wish had been left in. We are in the editing phase now on new short ”About Andy” and we were on a tight budget, so already I can see a few shots we needed, that weren’t covered…may still be able to do a few pick ups!

      Thanks for yourv good words!!


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