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Its the last day of the Ascot races….part of the English season…all the great and the good turn out!   The Queen attends..hoping one of her horses will win.  If you are one of the fortunate toffs  invited into the Royal Enclosure….there is strict dress code…. the men wear morning dress, top hats and all the women wear absurd clothes and ridiculous hats…strawberries and cream…champagne flowing.  Fun for some!     

The Queens Coronation gown drawn by Mum for her job with a National newspaper…no photographs then!

It’s an important memory for me.   My mother was professional artist, graphics, fashion and part of her job was to cover Ascot, sketching the clothes for the next day’s newspaper coverage.   She would set off by public transport…bus and train from South East London, where we lived in genteel poverty, to Ascot quite a few miles away.  She would spend the day, watching and sketching and then return to the office to complete the finished pen and ink drawings for the paper.  Sometimes she would stagger back at the end of the day and finish the work sitting up in bed, while I slept in the bed beside her.   I will never forget the smell of Indian ink,  the sight of her sharpening her pencils and the large Artists drawing board on which she worked.

Some things we never forget and I will always admire and appreciate her skill, talent and stamina, working as she did under the name of Evelyn Wood!

Fashion by Mum….the famous Burlington Arcade London

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