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Just when I thought I had managed to get my sites down to one, I have had to create another one…this one is called: and it will house my films plus some other good shorts too, I hope.  It’s not quite ready to go ‘up’ yet, but soon, soon.   You see friends much as I would love to make my films free for viewing..I CANT AFFORD IT.  There is a wonderful new programme called Pivotshare, created with the idea of film makers like me, to make a bit of money from their passion projects.  I am a professional after all and so are most of the people I work with.


Before too long the films, I have been making for New Chilling Tales will be online and you can watch them and/or buy them for a small fee.  Or you can buy the DVD from the New Chilling Tales site.   These films are going world wide and as soon as I start seeing an income from them, or get some investment, I will be making more.   The people who designed and are running Pivotshare are really helping the only film industry to move forward..they are true pioneers with the right ideas and have been praised by the likes of Bill Gates and Apple.   The Internet has attracted some wonderful entrepreneurs, has expanded our world beyond all imagination and can be a force for real good in getting people interacting with each other across the world.  It has its dark side of course and will attract the usual villains, that can’t be helped.  Anywhere people see an opportunity to be greedy, to corrupt, to steal, they will do it.  But I do believe that the upside outweighs the downside at the moment and it may help to break down all sorts of borders.

Hope you are looking forward to seeing the fruits of my foray into production as much as I have enjoyed making the films!

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