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Happy Valentines Day to all you wondrous lovers out there. Make love, be close, eat chocolate, whisper wonderful secrets to each other….I remember when on Valentines Day, you received an anonymous card, flowers or gift from a secret admirer, that was fun and quite exciting…not sure it happens any more.

Anyway in honour of the day, I have as usual turned to reading poetry. Of love poems there are many. I wont go through all the usual suspects, Shakespeare,Donne, Jonson, Rossetti, Hardy but have just discovered a wonderful young poet Warsan Shire…..I wont quote too many of her love poems, they are too intimate and I cant address them to anyone at the moment…but here is a couple of quotes that might lead you to her

“Loving you was like going to war, I never came back the same”.   Warsan Shirewarsan2_460x460_220x500

and after the recent terror attacks in Paris:

“later that night

I held an atlas in my lap

ran my fingers across the whole world

and whispered

where does it hurt?

it answered




Warsan Shire

Happy Valentines Day my friends!




One thought on “Anonymous – a little love note to my friends

  • February 13, 2016 at 5:12 pm Reply
    Melissa C Williams says:

    That quotation about Paris breaks my heart every time I read it. I just read State of Wonder, by Ann Patchett, which pulled me into the Amazon jungle where the cries of “everywhere, everywhere” could certainly apply..

    I wish you a Valentine weekend of sunshine (isn’t it gorgeous today) and much joy.

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