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2019 pic by Nyk Fry

2019 by Nyk Fry

Well here we are friends at the end of a decade, ready to launch into a new one and miracle of miracle –  we are still here on our fragile, much abused planet.  Hopefully good sense will prevail and we will look after it better in this new era.

It’s been an interesting one for me…I have moved countries again…. twice….starting the decade in the US, then back to the UK for a few years and now back based in  the US again.  Is that it?  Am I there now till the final curtain, who knows?   That’s what makes life so interesting and exciting, nothing is forever and nothing stays the same.Anyway what ever the fates hold for me, I have met many new and interesting people this decade along the way.


Tunnel at Cern….part of experiment

Sadly the beginning of the decade spelled the end of my marriage to Dick Bullen and I found myself back in London running the family business started by my father in  1965.  The most momentous meeting of new people came from winning our contract with CERN.  The people I remember most from there was Thierry LaGrange Head of Finance, who would dazzle me with economics, which I

Thierry Lagrange

barely understood and M. Georges Leroy, who managed our contracts ( we had 3 in the end), a delightful gentleman with whom I would enjoy wonderful lunches near CERN in Ferney Voltaire, while we discussed how things were going.

Terry Dewell & Nick Hughes

Terry and Nick

I enjoyed working with some lovely people at Merrow Language Recruitment as we became known….Terry Dewell, other Director in the company, Sanna Nystrom, my invaluable Swedish assistant, who kept me sane, Nick Hughes charming with three fluent languages and meticulous Swiss accountant Patrick Stutz, who had the very difficult task of running the complicated CERN payroll every month, converting money from euros to pounds and and back again to euros etc.

Cougar with Lincoln and Will

After I sold the business it was back to the States to be near and help out with my three grandchildren, which I loved doing.  But children grow up, get very busy lives and there was less need, so I decided to continue make to make the short Films I had started doing in London, which brought  a whole new set of friends and work colleagues…Jesse Cordtz, who directed two, Greg Green, Director, Lincoln Lewis: DP, on two of my films, Nyk Fry Audio Engineer and Editor, Mike Tetro Producer and Director – actors Darren Burrows, Austin von Johnson and Will von Tagen …..Cary Judd, Mark Davis: camera,  Lance Thompson, script doctor and his writer wife Pam….the list is long, full of talented, new and interesting people.  Last but not least is Aaron Day, my Web Designer, who encouraged me to write my book BEING AN ACTOR.    These are just some of the people I have been working with, many are now friends.  Boise is a smallish city and the film community very small.  Life is full of interesting surprises and new experiences ….if you keep your mind open and let them in.   I have tried to get two large feature films off the ground, one an old project, that suddenly re-appeared and one new….these didn’t happen, but we tried and I couldn’t have got as far as we did without the help and support of my friend and Manager Marion Rosenberg.

This has turned into a long list of names that will mean little to you, but mean a lot to me.  I feel so fortunate in my life and now my career is opening up again in England, with a new film THE HAUNTING OF MARGAM CASTLE and promise of more to come in the New Year.  This thanks  much to new UK agent Thomas Bowington.

In the meantime I have been spending the Christmas Holidays with my dearest friend Jenni and her companion David and write this from Suffolk, lovely old county in England, before winging my way back to beautiful Boise, Idaho…..long may the groundhog days last!

Happy New Year my good friends!


Arriving to shoot at Marham Castle

Outside Margam Castle, Wales 2019






3 thoughts on “An Ending and a Beginning – a New Decade.

  • A really happy New Year (and decade), Jane, from a fan from the days of Hadleigh … my late wife fancied Gerald Harper … and I his on-screen GF☺ Was he as charming as his character?
    Suffolk is a lovely and widely underrated county … I was born and raised in and near Aldeburgh. I haven’t tried Idaho!
    Kind regards

  • A lovely reflection on the past 10 years and an intriguing glimpse for all of us into what is to come – new adventures, new challenges.
    I wish you many more years and projects to come and thank you for being so accessible to us, your faithful followers.

    Onwards into 2020 with health, and joy
    love and best wishes
    Mike x

  • December 31, 2019 at 3:57 pm Reply
    Melissa C Williams says:

    Happy New Year, Jane ! We know Boise cannot begin to compare to London and its delights, but we love it when you grace us with your being here, even for a few months. May all good things, happiness and health and success in your work, come your way as this new decades begins to turn its wheels.
    Melissa C Williams

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