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One of my great pleasures of being in London is the Academy activities, screenings, event, interviews, talks etc.   I have been a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences , for many years now and have always enjoyed the  privilege of meeting so many talents in our industry, both sides of the camera.  At one time I served on the Events Committee under the caring

Gary Kurtz: Producer

Chairmanship of Gary Kurtz, who was a significant Producer in the Film business.  Being a Producer is challenging to say the least,  it is time absorbing, strenuous, frustrating, difficult, often disappointing and thank less…..Deciding on the script, the story,  then the pre-production, getting the finance, hopefully a distribution commitment, finding the Director, working with the Director to choose the best actors for the parts,….often major stars whose salary requirements outstrip the budget……hiring the best crew, overseeing  and approving locations and cost of….and that’s just Pre-Production.   I wont go on, the list is endless and unless you actually want to produce a film, large or small you don’t need to know all the details….and not in this blog!   But Gary was the “real deal” as they say.     I’ve drifted off subject.   The Events Committee suggest, organise some wonderful events…there was an amazing evening when David Hare interviewed Harold Pinter, an evening listening to Christopher Hampton and the list goes on and on.   Below is the Event tribute evening to Douglas Slocombe, Oscar winning Cinematographer, who, lucky for us, also lit The Lion in Winter.

The Academy’s home is based in Los Angeles.  The London office is in the European  branch of the Academy and London is currently  run by Carola Ash, who does a terrific job, strongly assisted by Lisa Dalton.  Recently we were treated to a screening of The Umbrellas of Cherbourg, beautiful, charming film written and directed by Jacques Demy, with music by the great Michel Legrand, who sadly died earlier this year.    We all know about music in film and how it can add greatly to the work and how important it it is.   We all will remember the terrifying brilliant score for Jaws, the haunting theme to Schindlers List, Star Wars, all of the Bond films and on and on.  Lisa videoed a wonderful interview with M. Legrand, thanks to the Academy Film Music Foundation, earlier this year and it was shown before the screening.   I have been allowed to include the interview in my Blog …thank you to the Academy….so here’s a real treat for you, who love film and music in film.

An interview with Michel Legrand.

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Many people associate the Academy with the Oscar and the awards and all the attention that that gets.   But it is so much more than that, contributing greatly to our industry.   Films have brought much pleasure into so many peoples’ lives and kept us going through dark times….still do and the Academy keeps alive the story, the memories of the great and the good, who have contributed to our great business.  The Academy encourages young people, all people, people from all over the world to make films, live film, do film…thanks to this extraordinary institution.



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  • May 9, 2019 at 5:02 pm Reply
    Mike Waddington says:

    “The Umbrellas of Cherbourg” – such a fantastic film with incomparable music of the recently passed Michel Legrand. I first heard the music years ago and it took quite a search in those pre-internet days to discover the film it had come from. His music always seemed to convey such warmth and emotion.

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