The story of a Golden Globe nominated actress who’s done much of it and advice to those who want to do it!

lawrence_of_arabia_3_otooleLast night had the pleasure of attending the premiere of a film I shot last summer as an actress for hire (my favourite role)….ie:  get the script, get the offer, turn up and do the job….I love it and wish I had more of it, still musn’t complain, I have had a good run, over 50 years of doing it….will try to do a bit more if I can.   ALMOSTING IT is the first film from a talented young man Will von Tagen, whose imagination and energy knows no bounds.   It is funny, poignant and an excellent comment on social interaction and communication today.   Will wrote it, starred in it, directed it and produced it, with a little help from his friends, the talented crew and and cast  on board. Lincoln Lewis was Director of Photography and so much more in his professional and gifted support of Will and the film.

Lincoln Lewis framing, while Darren Burrows waits to shoot.

Lincoln Lewis framing, while Darren Burrows waits to shoot.

We were lucky enough to have Lincoln as our DP on THE TELL-TALE HEART and he created a terrific and evocative look to the short film, under very challenging conditions.   I would always work again with him in a heartbeat, a safe, sure pair of hands on board….lucky us and lucky Will.  I cant mention everyone on the crew, but I have to mention Lincoln and Marie Boller, the Costume Designer another professional safe pair of hands, with whom I would work again any time.

Jake Fullilove with Jesse Cordtz:  THE DAMNED THING

Jake Fullilove with Jesse Cordtz: THE DAMNED THING

Last crew mention is young Jake Fullilove, our Production Manager, who was Associate Producer on  our New Chilling Tale:  THE DAMNED THING.  Production Manager is one of the most difficult and unloved jobs in the business and very challenging.   Every Producer need a good Production Manager.   Jake is still very young, but I have no doubt he will also succeed in the business, his attitude and professionalism are impressive, for one so young.   Lincoln and Marie have already made it in the industry and will only go on to more bigger and better things, Jake is just starting the journey, but he will do well.  Will was lucky to have a crew who was so committed and hard working and I wish them all well, from the bottom of my heart.   Just had to mention some who made a real impression on me.  Whether you’re making ALMOSTING IT, or THE LION IN WINTER, the actors get most of the glory, but believe me friends, if you dont have a good crew to support you, you may as well be whistling in the wind.   O’Toole told me a few war stories about making LAWRENCE OF ARABIA…example: Eddie Fowlie (Art Department, Property Master) running around the desert after a long days shooting in killing sun and heat, gathering up discarded props and other bits, with unfailing good humour.   Arthur Wooster (Second unit Director on most of the Bond films…. he created and shot many of the great action shots, that have thrilled us all …the jet flying through a hangar, high speed, low altitude)….who was filming at sea on CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS, when it ran out of money and filming halted…..all crew wisely downed tools, except Arthur who carried on, blindly and rightly believing that the money would flow again…it did!

So friends the best stories are about not the actors, but those behind the camera, their heart and courage and unfailing good humour, when they are used and abused by the “suits”…I love them all.

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