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A couple of years ago two lovely ladies came and interviewed me in London. Jackie and Nicky Smith were starting a film festival in Wolverhampton.  Zzub Film Festival is a fun, daring saucy event dedicated to pulp, trash, sci- fi, horror and all that sort of stuff. This year it will be entirely online. They sweetly asked me to be the honorary patron and I was happy to accept. I admire these ladies and their enthusiasm and determination in putting on a very challenging event in an area that deserves the entertainment.

I am just off to London and a few “show my face’…put “myself about a bit”  events in the business, say hello to friends, old and new and some fans.   I am happy and looking forward to it.   This difficult industry offers so much, good and bad….at the moment interesting and somewhat not so good events, that I am part of, are going on with the Big Guns in Hollywood, but you just have to get on with it.  I learned from my refugee father, William Merrow (in the picture) and my SAS uncle, Lee Morgan that there are more important things in life than the material things.  WilliamMerrowMy father went from riches to rags in a great big hurry when Hitler stole his homeland.  Uncle taught me about other things..the value of life and just living.  So people like Jacky and Nicky enrich our lives with their energy for just “doing it”, without any motive, but to bring a bit of pleasure and fun into some peoples lives.  Go girls!!!



2 thoughts on “A Quickie Post about some friends

  • HI Jane
    I shall be in UK next week, visiting my daughters, and wondered if any of your ‘meeting the fans’ events are open to ‘the public’, e.g. a fan like myself who’d like an opportunity to meet you? If so, just say where and when, and i’ll do my best! If not, it was worth a try … have a fun visit, anyway.
    kind regards

    • I hope to see you at the London Film Convention on the 14 November at Westminster Hall…check out on Google just to be sure of the location. It is open to the public.

      Thank you


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