The story of a Golden Globe nominated actress who’s done much of it and advice to those who want to do it!

Photo by Cary Judd.

I think we all hoped that 2020 would usher in a more peaceful year, but so far it’s not to be and the human story continues with its usual ups and downs.

Tony Garnett

Sadly today we learned of the death of Tony Garnett,  former actor, with whom I worked on BBC television in THE BIRTH OF A PRIVATE MAN by the great David Mercer. Tony and I played brother and sister in the play and he helped me understand much of the very political complexities of the piece. Tony went on to become a very successful Producer….KES, CATHY COMES HOME etc and I remember how pleased he was when he raised the finance to start his Company – World Productions. We stayed friends over the years and I appreciated his help and advice always. We were only in touch by email a couple of weeks ago, so his death is a shock…he was one of those rare generous people, always willing to help those people, when he saw their potential to succeed in the business. Tony was a real Producer, who would oversee every aspect of a Production, meticulous, dedicated. He was not one of those who takes a Producer credit, for bringing in one small asset to a production and then demands a Producer credit, with no more contribution to the actual Production. I know I am not the only one who will miss him.

So the focus is strongly on the Monarchy again, with Prince Harry’s current situation. Somehow I think the Queen’s cool head will prevail and a solution will be found to satisfy all parties.

Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth has been a constant throughout my life – has always set an extraordinary stabilizing example. Think I’ve told you, I have always felt a connection, because my mother’s job as a fashion artist for a leading British newspaper group was called upon to sketch some of the Queen’s wardrobe prior to major events during her reign, in the days before fashion photography. I followed the Royals avidly, they were were the “pin-ups” of my childhood!

Mum’s sketch of the Queens Coronation gown

I go back to the US  this weekend and have been reminiscing a bit about London, home to much of my life. I have recorded a poem for you…. COMPOSED UPON WESTMINSTER BRIDGE, by William Wordsworth, whose 250th anniversary, it is this year.

Till next time my friends..





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