The story of a Golden Globe nominated actress who’s done much of it and advice to those who want to do it!

By Nyk Fry


First news  – coming very shortly – online  – is my book – BEING AN ACTOR.    The print version will follow quickly.   I will keep you posted here…and where else ? On Social Media of course!!!  Which leads us to the film:

The Great Hack on Netflix, is a fascinating documentary about how our lives being are being hijacked on the Internet, largely by Facebook and Google. Many of us are on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I am….it’s the most useful free form of advertising and self promotion,that’s ever been invented.  Its a hugely beneficial tool for anyone in the media business, who needs to keep  their face and their story in front of a public as much as possible. To have garnered the attention I have received on Social Media, would have cost me a fortune in hiring a PR person and their services. So thank you for that  – Social Media.   Social Media and one’s presence on it is now an important part of the casting process.  Your follow numbers are important to the Casting Directors and Producers…..amazing isn’t it!

However there is a real downside as demonstrated in this excellent film. We can lose our identities and our privacy on Social Media. So beware and be careful about how much information you put out there.  It’s for sale and you’re not the seller, making money from it!  Someone else is.  And worst of all it can be hi-jacked, stolen.

Film, the media business often gets a really bad rep….but if it is used well and responsibly, it can be our greatest ally in getting the truth, real stories across. I am one of its greatest fans.

Therefore The Great Hack like so many other movies, documentary and narrative is one of great importance….. and I think we should all watch it.

Till next time friends!


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