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Jane by Cary Judd

Picture by Cary Judd

As this decade draws to its close, there’s much to think about in our chaotic world.

My life has been pretty well divided between two countries I love…..the UK and the US.

Yesterday I watched the Queen’s Speech given in the Houses of Parliament after the recent General Election. I am not a political animal….I’ve always felt that the job of our industry is to reflect and comment on worldly affairs, through the media on screen and stage, which, being lucky enough to live in a free society, we are pretty much able to do.

Parliament - the Queen's Speech 2019

Queen and Prince of Wales – Houses of Parliament December 19th 2019


I imagine that many people in the modern world think a lot of the UK’s ceremonial tradition and having a monarchy, is out of step with the times. However, it provides us with continuity and certain kind of stability and a reminder of history. People who shrug aside history are in my humble opinion, foolish. History is our blueprint for the present and the future, reminding us of those extraordinary people who contributed to our modern world and those who damaged us and whose behaviour should never be repeated nor allowed.

So I look at the pageantry of yesterday’s ceremony, with a sense of pride and happy nostalgia for my childhood and wonderful start of my career here in England. And I have a quiet smile with the thought of “business as usual” and and trust that common sense in all the pressing issues, will in the end prevail.

US Flags

I am however deeply saddened that the decade is ending in the US, with the impeachment of a man holding the most respected and highest office in the land and the damage done to the reputation and denigration of a great country.  I love America and its history and the great people who built it. It is now a country deeply divided and I hope and pray that the current situation can be swiftly resolved and any more damage quickly contained, with minimal bitterness.

Thank you friends for reading my blogs….I wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a New Year and decade, full of good health and happiness and peace throughout the world.

2019 by Nyk Fry

Photo by Nyk Fry

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