The story of a Golden Globe nominated actress who’s done much of it and advice to those who want to do it!


        Just when I thought I had managed to get my sites down to one, I have had to create another one…this one is called: and it will house my films […]

Katharine Hepburn

This lady was definitely one of my kind of people.   Katharine Hepburn was talented, forthright, courageous, clevershe outsmarted the big Hollywood studios and she was funny.   For anyone seriously considering going into the acting business, […]

Vampire Generation

We have become the Vampire Generation!!!  It seems that if the blood of a young person…….. preferably a very young person, is transfused into the body of an old person, it will rejuvenate that old […]

Interesting People

Some of the most interesting people you meet in life are often complete strangers.  I have just come back to the US from a trip to London and had great conversations with people just sitting […]

Off to the Sun Valley Film Festival

Off to the Sun Valley Film Festival this week, I am looking forward to it.   Our film THE DAMNED THING is an official entry and I hope to see old friend David Seidler (THE KING’S […]